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2023 Session Dates

Summer Session: June 5th - August 4th


  • Our PARENT & ME classes along with our FUNDAMENTAL classes are 2-3 month long sessions and charge monthly through the parent portal.

  • First time students will need to "CREATE ACCOUNT" by clicking on the green button at the top of the page.

  • You will log in to your parent portal to register for future sessions after you have created an account.

  • Follow us on Facebook at CORE Athletics for registration opening dates and updates. 

Please click on our subpages under classes to learn more about each class. 


Our Parent & Me class is designed for 1-4 year olds, each student needs a parent or older sibling helper to rotate through the stations with them. After visiting other gyms and looking at their program, and taking classes through USA Gymnastics we have learned that tots are more successful and learn faster with help rotating through stations. We focus on stations that get them moving to improve their locomotor and gross motor skills!  




Our fundamental gymnastics program consists of 3 levels and each level has a skill chart that goes with it. Every child will have the opportunity to pass through our level system at their own rate. Gymnastics is a difficult sport that takes a lot of repetitions before mastering a skill. Each child can progress through recreationally or trying to get to the competitive level. Our levels are designed to prepare your child for our competitive team if that is what you choose!

 This program comes with great detail to perfect each skill so that every child will have a strong fundamental base that will help them excel in their gymnastics later on in life. Again, please be aware that gymnastics is a slow-paced sport that requires a lot of detail so it may take your child multiple sessions to pass on to the next level. 

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